Our team was tasked with creating a fresh, modern 21st century tone for the new GradImages look and feel. By using a full prism of color, we created a palette that is friendly and inclusive and melds with our greatest asset which is our photography. We partner with over 6000 high schools and universities who have their own brand and aesthetic. Finding a design concept that harmonizes without clashing with their design was one of our biggest challenges.


As the Inhouse creative lead, I oversaw the development and design of all assets created as well as the execution across all platforms for live events, digital and marketing efforts.


During the student’s graduation ceremony is often our first introduction to our audience. We are constantly developing tactics to tell customers more about who we are and what we do. Since our industry is event based, our customer lifespan is short and the window for purchase is small. We work to be clear and concise for both parents and graduates to find their photos after their ceremony.


After the ceremony each graduate receives a link to view their own personal photo gallery containing all of their photos taken before, during and after the ceremony. Graduates are able to select and share their favorite photos with family and friends. A variety of high quality digital and print packages and special curated photo gifts are available for purchase on the website. The graduate and their families can pick a package, select and edit their photos, and customize the product to best suit their needs.


In order to increase engagement with students, GradImages explored a Mobile Portrait Studio to recapture the excitement surrounding Grad Fairs. By mimicking the food truck business model, the Mobile Portrait Studio will supplant the traditional portrait offerings at the university and provide students with an exciting and unique way of capturing their memories.