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Cartoon Network and Lego partnered together to create an exclusive multi-platform experience incorporating custom created shorts peppered throughout on air and online.


Each wave of Mixel tribes was launched in sets of three corresponding to the release of the toys in stores.


I was responsible for leading the product design team through the various stages of the project. These stages included definition and scope, interactive prototyping for stakeholder review, character animations, user interface and user experience.



Explore each Mixel tribe’s world filled with rich graphical elements, portraying each environment’s unique qualities such as the magma wastelands or the mountainous forest. On arrival to each land, you will meet the Mixels who live there. Through animation and sound effects each Mixel will greet you in their own special way. Get to know each Mixel more intimately by watching their shorts, reading character bios and identifying their compatibility with other Mixel.

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