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Designed for multiple platforms including desktop, mobile and television; the Boomerang Subscription Video On Demand App allows fans to watch over 1000 episodes of timeless classics, from Looney Tunes to Scooby-Doo to Yogi Bear and everything in between.

Launched on:

Desktop, IOS, Android, Roku


A modern take on the classic Warner Brothers animation style, the on-boarding animation communicates the depth of shows within the app and greets the audience in a fun and playful way.


Designed for kids ages 4-6 this simple to use interface invites exploration and discovery. Large character images and colorful show branded graphics makes finding and selecting shows quick and easy. In addition to shows and movies, playlists have been introduced to package content in unique ways. Once in a show screen kids can access all of the content for that show right there.

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